Although we have worked closely with start-ups our client portfolio is diverse: large and small, private, and public, for-profit, and non-profit. We help your business grow, sustain, and transform; whatever it takes to embrace the future.

Magnus Legal provides a range of professional services to our clients, with a sector focus on scaling up new business.


For Founders

It can be tough navigating the legal terrain as a founder. We’re here to make it easier. Whether you’re just incorporating or looking for support through capital investment, our lawyers are tech focused, hired for their business acumen, and equipped with a wealth of legal experience to ensure you’re in the right hands.

Whether you’re looking for in-house legal, project-based support or flexible legal solutions, we’re happy to discuss and tailor according to your needs.

We're here to make it easier

For Investors

Investment terms are hugely important whether your source of funding is individual or institutional.

We ensure the onboarding of lawyers through the investment process is seamless, effective, and cost efficient. We minimise risk and maintain integrity throughout the process.

We open up our talent pool to our network of investors, giving investors a chance to support world-leading innovation and technological advancement.


Seamless, effective, and cost efficient


How does it work?

Our Team will work with you to deliver all types of legal projects. Through implementing our three-stage project life-cycle:

Engage -  Deliver  - Close

Through our subscription-based portal we manage legal projects more effectively, without compromising quality. We achieve this by managing the scope, budget, risk, resources, stakeholders, and communication.

You have access to lawyers and company documentation at any given time with access to amending, creating, and downloading, and a lawyer to support you in real time. 

Engage - Deliver - Close