Start-Up Package

For new founders 

Whether you are planning on fundraising or not, the start-up package ensures you have your legal foundations covered. You can create, amend, and download legal contracts in your own time, with the help of our legal support team. 

Scale Up Package

For starry eyed founders who’ve been offered initial investment offers and may not know what to look out for in the small print – this personalised  package is for you!

Growth Package

When we say we want to see you grow, we mean it.

This membership gives guided access through all contractual obligations preparing your company for financing rounds through a tailored, holistic analysis of company financials, legalese, business development and more.  

Bloom Package 

This membership takes you through Magnus Legal’s capital preparatory training and provides you with access to our capital raise network.

We help in getting your start-up funding ready, from pitch deck to warm introductions, we're able to support Founders from pre-seed funding through to Series, A, B & C onwards. 

Fixed Fee Start-Up Packages from £1499* 

*The Start-Up package is offered once our team conducts a free 'Legal Health Check' on your company to ascertain your company requirements. 


Intellectual Property

Our intellectual property solutions are focused on maximising the value of your unique intellectual property asset. 

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Our approach to corporate solutions balances the needs of the business as a whole with the goals of each founder, director and investor involved. 

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Our approach to commercial solutions is tailored to the specific commercial and legal risks of each transaction, as well as the unique value drivers and incentives of each party. 

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Financial Regulation

Our expertise in financial regulation, integrated approach and passion for technology makes us uniquely positioned to serve early-stage and established fintech companies. 

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Our technology-focused practice keeps us at the forefront of the developments accelerating innovation in the healthcare ecosystem, from AI and machine learning to predictive analytics. We act as a strategic legal partner to companies developing medical devices, wellness equipment and healthcare services, as well as MedTech and health tech companies that are improving public health, developing preventive healthcare, advancing diagnostics and finding cures.

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