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About us

Magnus Legal Technology is a platform based legal service provider.


We use our legal expertise - in partnership with accelerators and investors - to back your ideas, to tackle the core challenges of our time.


60% of start-ups fail within the first three years, while 18% of reasons for start-up failure are down to legal and financial problems.


We are here to change this.


Through our technology-focused approach, we provide flexible and efficient support as you require it.

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18% of reasons for start-up failure are down to legal and financial problems

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Our services

We are not a law firm. But we’re not anti-lawyer either.

Instead, we’re changing the dynamics between founders and lawyers, by centring technology to support founders through incorporation, growth and scaling up. 

The fundamentals of law should be accessible to any founder. This is why we have created a platform that integrates smart contract technology, AI, and lawyers together – a synergy of human and technological power – to aid your start-up’s journey.

We seek to deliver no matter your business or legal needs. Learn more about how you can benefit from our services.

We seek to deliver no matter your business or legal needs

Why us

In a traditional law firm, partners cascade the work down to senior associates, who give it to lawyers, who delegate to paralegals. This trickling of work creates inefficiency (as well as large expenses as you are charged by the hour).

This means the best outcome for the firm is the worst outcome for the client.

Magnus Legal does things differently.

We move away from billable hours completely. We ensure our pricing is transparent, which realigns incentives. This enables us to provide the flexibility you need, while ensuring no compromise on quality.

A truly timeless culture.

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Magnus Legal does things differently

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Instilling confidence

All our projects are subject to exceptional standards. We honour high levels of attentiveness and rigorous quality assurance to create solutions which are fit for purpose.

Create solutions which are fit for purpose

Ensuring relevance

Before we commence any work, we take the time to understand you and your expectations. We configure our solutions to address your specific needs.

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We configure our solutions to address your specific needs

Designing simplicity

We ensure that all our solutions are accessible, simple, and delivered as promptly as possible.


All solutions are delivered through our members portal, which gives access to documentation and lawyers in real time.


We ensure that all our solutions are accessible

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For Founders

We support founders in 2 key ways:

  1. Providing flexible and efficient legal services no matter your company’s stage in its lifecycle.

  2. Providing a capital introduction to scale your start-up.

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We want to remove the barriers to founders accessing legal knowledge. This is why we work with accelerators both in the UK and internationally, to provide legal training programmes for founders.

If you manage an accelerator, click here to join us in democratising legal knowledge or download our e-book to learn more.

For Accelerators

We support investors in 2 key ways:

  1. Providing legal support for investors.

  2. Presenting quality assured pitch decks for an investment opportunity.

Whether you are an investment fund or an angel investor, we would love to work with you in collectively supporting founders.

For Investors



“The electric light did not come from 
the continuous improvement of candles” 

Owen Harari